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Volunteer - We need your talents!

If you or anyone in your family or your friends are interested in helping the "New " North Shore Chamber Orchestra, but donĀ“t have a lot of time, then this may be the answer. Please fill out this form and we will contact you.

Please choose as many options as you wish. Your name, email address, and phone numbers are mandatory.

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Get names, phone numbers/e-mail addresses of prospective violin, viola, cello, or bass players who would be interested in performing with the North Shore Chamber Orchestra. We will contact them and invite them to play with us.
Obtain business or personal ads for our Concert Program Book.
Write program notes regarding composers and music for each concert.
Contact an individual or business who may be interested in sponsoring a concert ($1,500).
Prepare a mini-proposal for business or institution sponsorship.
Write press releases for media and music journals.
Take pictures of the orchestra and musicians at concerts and rehearsals for orchestra scrapbook, media and display.
Purchase flower bouquets for presentation to soloist(s) at concert.
Be a hostess or host at an orchestra reception.
Get items from businesses, restaurants, etc. to be raffled off at concerts.
Design invitations for special events.
Xerox flyers of a concert.
Deliver concert flyers to our Highland Park printer.
Xerox Concert Program Book
Usher at concerts.
Send a Concert Program Book to our advertisers with a brief thank you note.
Sell tickets for a concert.
Give us one of your favorite recipes, with your permission, to use it for an Orchestra Cook Book.


Anatol Lysenka

Anatol Lysenka, Principal Conductor

Dr. Nattalia Lysenka

Natallia Lysenka, Assistant Conductor