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Attention string players!

Are you interested in developing your orchestra performance skills?

Musicians in the String Sections of the North Shore Chamber Orchestra will receive the following benefits to improve their orchestra performance:

  1. Section Rehearsals led by a professional music teacher, who will help you with bowings, fingerings, phrasing, music style and confidence building as a musician.
  2. Coaching by a professional conductor in string sessions to address
    A. Intonation
    B. Dynamics
    C. Balance and Blending
    D. Tone Quality
    E. Interpretation
    F. Evaluation of Group Performance
  3. Opportunities for Playing in Small Ensembles
  4. Opportunity for Individual Instruction

We are seeking string players with potential for growth. IIf you want to improve your orchestra performance ability, please e-mail us by clicking here..

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Anatol Lysenka

Anatol Lysenka, Principal Conductor

Dr. Nattalia Lysenka

Natallia Lysenka, Assistant Conductor